Frequently asked questions

What is a Binding Offer?

While accepting a binding offer, candidate has to deposit a sum of money with The amount of deposit is defined by the employer making the offer.
While accepting a non-binding offer, candidate does not deposits any money.

What happens to money deposited by candidate?

When a candidate joins the company, the employer has to update the status of offer as “Joined”. After the processing period is over this amount is refunded to candidate.

Can I make Binding offers while on Free Plan?

No, a binding offer can only be sent when an employer is on paid plans.

How the credits are charged for non-binding offer?

2 credits are charged for each non-binding offer

How the credits are charged for binding offer?

Number of credits are charged are proportional to the amount to be deposited by candidate.

How much time it may take in complete verification?

It might take maximum 2 business days to complete verification. The name of the Organistion in HRingly account should match with name mentioned in the COI Certificate Of Incorpoartion.

Can an organisation have more than 1 users?

Yes, it is multiuser application, and admin of your organisation on HRingly can add as many users as required.

Can a candidate have multiple open job applications at a time?

A candidate can have multiple job applications at a time, however a candidate will never have mutliple open job applications with an employer.

How the credits are charged for accessing the job applications?

One credit is charged for accessing each job applications.

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